Dahua dvr keeps rebooting

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Dahua Admin Account Password Resetter Process !!!

Login name. Remember me. The unit is currently suffering from a rebooting issue. The error I'm receiving is : Reboot with flag 0X Tech support said to unplug the HDD and see if the problem went away but mine was rebooting in precise increments.

I did try a new 12v PS Do you have an order number? Where did you buy that Hard Drive? I actually purchased it from security camera King back in It's not under warranty anymore, I was just hoping I could salvage it with a new hard drive and use it as a backup for another '2 ' i currently have UP and running Hello Karyn, when trobleshooting a rebooting issue you should take the lid cover off the unit and check to see if the fans and board lights come on, if on or the other are no working then you may need to replace the fan or the board, I see you already tried unplugging al the inputs and outputs and your still rebooting so i would try checking the fans and board lights.

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dahua dvr keeps rebooting

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Register Log In. Select Forum About Us - We are happy to meet you! Login name Password Remember me Register Lost password? My DVR keeps rebooting. Member Since: January 7, If you lost the password and can't have access to your DVR, here you can find different methods to recover your device to use the Dahua default password. All depends on the model you have, perhaps the solution for your problem it's right here, just keep reading To reset a Dahua DVR and recover the admin password, you just need to either use a reset button located on the motherboard, try a default password or use a software to generate a new password based on the device date.

Let's talk about the different methods so you can try to use the one that best suits your needs according to your Dahua DVR model. This method will depend on the DVR you have, some of them come with a reset button that is located on the motherboard. See the following pictures that show such button.

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Note that in this DVR model there's a yellow battery at the right side and a reset button located at the opposite right side of the motherboard. In this model, the yellow battery and the reset button are located at the right side of the motherboard, pretty close of each other. The password reset procedure. The process must be done exactly this way. Just make sure you have a monitor attached to the DVR and the power cable is disconnected before starting the process step 1 and connect the cable while holding the reset button.

You must hold the button until the DVR resets, which will take around 20 to 30 seconds and you will be able to see this information in the monitor. After the reset, the DVR will come back to factory default and ask you to create a new password just like a new installation. See the pictures below:. In the first screen, just create a new password for your DVR by using a minimum of 8 digits with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

After finishing creating the password click the " Next " button. Finally, the last step is to create the security questions just in case you need to reset the password again in the future.

You can try using one of the Dahua default passwords, there are some combination you can try just to see if they work with your device. Just use some of these combinations in your Dahua DVR and perhaps you can get access to the device either as admin or a regular user if that is enough. After this step, the DVR will ask you to create a new password for the user.

If this method doesn't work, or you can get access as a regular user but instead you really need to have admin access, try the next method. There's a password generator that can be used to reset the Dahua DVR.

You just need to download the software and input the date you see in the monitor. After generating the temporary password use it to login into your DVR and later just change the password for something else that is better for you. Click here to download. If your Dahua DVR has a removable batteryyou can use this method that is also based on a password generation described in the previous method. Just remove the battery and wait for some time usually 2 minutes to have the DVR clock back to its default date and time.

dahua dvr keeps rebooting

After getting your Dahua DVR clock at this date, just trying using the following username and password combination:. If the above combination doesn't work for you, just try to generate a new password by using the Dahua DVR password generator described previously.

You can download a mobile App to generate a password for your DVR. The App show two different versions of the Dahua password generator, one of them to be used with the DVR date, and the other one that can be used with the DVR serial number.

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Both of them can generate a temporary password. Just enter the Day, Month and Year that is shown in your DVR monitor and click submit, so the App returns the temporary password for that specific day. As you can see in the picture above, there are three options you can try based on the date you entered.

Make sure you try to use them on the same day. The next option is to generate a temporary password based o the DVR serial number, just input such number in the App and press the Submit button.

My DVR keeps rebooting, need help

The image above shows an example of a temporary password generated by the app, it meant to be used just one time to get access to your Dahua DVR, so you can create a new one. Just remember to also use it on the same day.

If you purchased the DVR from a local Dahua dealer or knows who sold the device to your customer, just give him a call and ask for help to reset the password.Personal tools Log in Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View source History. Export pages. From Dahua Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Tools Upload file Log in. Seagate DB Please upgrade to the latest version to solve this problem.

Program read error, bit data is too small. There is mosaic in the full screen. Please restart the NVR to solve this problem. Otherwise the PTZ control is not stable. Or you can install client-end software of lower version. Camera quality is too low.

Lens is dirty. Camera is installed against the light. Camera aperture setup is not correct. There is no DivXBundle. Please contact your local service engineer or our sales person for help. We can guide you to solve this problem. Please cheek current resolution setup. The network bandwidth is not sufficient. The multiple-channel monitor operation needs at least M or higher. Your PC resources are not sufficient. For ch remote monitor operation, the PC shall have the following environment: Quad Core, 2G or higher memory, independent displayer, display card memory M or higher.

Shut down the device and then reboot. When you reboot, please press the Fn button at the same time and then release after 5 seconds. You can restore NVR resolution to the default setup.Thanks for your subscription! If the surveillance cameras, some or all of them, suddenly stop working, showing video loss or signal loss on the monitor or screen intermittently, then you might find this article rather helpful.

Video loss on security cameras comes in different forms and shapes. For instance, a CCTV surveillance system loses video feeds on one or all cameras, displaying video loss at the same time.

CCTV camera gets a loose connection, goes black at night, or gets no video with surveillance camera showing a black screen. Sometimes, the camera video flickers on and off, showing lines on the screen and monitor. Or the H. If you have encountered other problems when using security cameras, check out these posts for feasible solutions:.

Many users tried and used different ways to solve the video loss but in no luck. Today we share some of the best practices to deal with security camera video loss. Double-check all power connections, power splitters, cable connectors, and etc. Besides, try using shorter BNC or Ethernet cables to power surveillance cameras system and avoid using low-quality extension cables or extension cords. To resolve such issue, try using power surge protectors or lightning surge protectors to protect your CCTV cameras from a lightning strike.

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies units will ensure power supply for all cameras when there is a power outage, mitigating concerns for camera power-off. Video loss or weak video signal among WiFi security cameras and systems could be caused by unstable network connections, weak WiFi connection or low internet bandwidth. BNC connector, which is commonly used on thin Ethernet network cables and network cards to transmit signals, however, unexpectedly and frequently, explains the constant signal loss and video loss on PoE home surveillance cameras or H.

Some users set up their home surveillance system by connecting the cameras to multiple PoE switches before connecting it to the NVR or other network storage like NAS.

In such cases, video loss or camera not recording is likely to occur due to the bandwidth and network traffic. In addition, a PoE switch or injector, if being loose or cut, also results in signal transmission disruption and video loss in the process. If you happen to have wireless security cameras installed, camera video loss displaying during live view could be the result of WiFi signal interruption, be it as a signal drop or signal loss.

Once the wireless cameras' connection with video recorders was severed, it's impossible to upload or stream video feed on any devices. For wireless security camerasit's advised to examine network and possible network interruption by checking router and channels click here to learn how to boost WiFi signals. If you are using cellular security cameras like Reolink Gomake sure the SIM card is properly inserted, not loose, or the data is not maxed out.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Hard drives have spinning discs or platters inside which are constantly rotating at rpm or rpm. Taking in to consideration how fast they are moving, and that there is a small needle reading data from the drive platters, sort of like an old record player, it is possible to have a hiccup in the incredibly delicate process happening inside of your DVR's hard drive.

Errors can occur on a new drive or one that has been functioning well for over 2 years. It is not possible to predict drive life, or prevent an incidence from occurring. And an error occurring once on a particular brand and model of hard drive does not mean that manufacturer or model is bad. You simply don't know when it will happen. But when errors do happen, or the drive fails and drops out on the DVR you will get a error notice on your DVR stating there has been a hard drive failure.

If you suspect your DVR hard drive to have an issue, or receive an alert stating drive failure, please watch the following video that explains in detail how to check the status of your hard drive, and diagnose whether the drive is good or bad.

If there is an error, the video will also show how to format your drive. If you find your DVR beeping or buzzing, it is because there is a setting in the DVR that activates the internal buzzer to sound when a hard drive error is detected. The video below will guide you how to disable the internal buzzer on the DVR. Confirm that the DVR recorder is in fact recording video by going to the video search menu and confirming there is video being stored for your cameras.

If the Hard Drive status window shows the drive s as being absent, or continues to display and Error status, that hard drive will need to be replaced. You can follow the quick video below that shows the proper way to submit a hard drive RMA claim with Seagate, the hard drive manufacturer.

Once you submit an online RMA request and receive a RMA authorization, mail the defective hard drives following the instructions they provide, and a replacement drive will be sent back to you within a few business days. Smart PSS Tutorials. All prices are in USD. All Rights Reserved.

Search: Search. You have no items in your shopping cart. Daily Deals Software Support.Minimum search word length is 3 characters - maximum search word length is 84 characters. Login name. Remember me. I saw another thread that suggested it was the hard drive full. However after restarting from that operation the unit again continued to reboot.

You can see in these two log screens, the format of the drive, and planned reboot. If you can, please open the DVR and disconnect the hard drive from the main board.

Then see if you still get reboot issues. If you do still get the reboots then you will know it has nothing to do with the hard drive. They have been known to have issues with our DVRs. Following the steps that Brad suggested above will help you know for sure if it is behind the issue your having. Turns out the installed drive in a recertified WD Black label drive.

It was running extremely hot though. With it disconnected it's been running good so far. We use a few different hard drives, although I believe that we use the SV series Seagate Barracuda more then the others.

I've heard of issues with the Black Series drives and WD drives in general. You really want to use a Barracuda to avoid headaches IMO. NOTE: new posts are subject to administrator approval before being displayed. This topic has subscriptions. Currently Online: 19 Guest s. Currently Browsing this Page: 1 Guest s. Shopping cart close. Become a Reseller. Please consider registering Guest. Register Log In. Select Forum About Us - We are happy to meet you!

How to reset Dahua DVR admin password (solved)

Login name Password Remember me Register Lost password? Member Since: September 4, Member Since: March 9, I'll try it this evening and see what happens.

Member Since: March 29, I believe so. I have a black label here at work I can use to test with too. Member Since: November 21, Guest name required :.

Guest email required :. Guest URL required. Add Reply Add Topic.Fri, Oct 11, AM. I have been with att uverse for a few months now. Power went out 4 days ago and since then our bedroom wireless dvr has been constantly rebooting. Lights randomly flash, it cycles thru and sometimes I even get to see 15 seconds of tv before it says no signal and starts over again. Att support didn't find any problem so they sent another receiver and the second i get it connected to the network it starts rebooting too.

There has been no issue at all with our living room tv and dvr or internet and wireless access. I have rebooted the modem and wap and even plugged the dvr into another outlet. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you!! Accepted Solution. Official Solution. We recommend plugging our devices directly into the wall.

dahua dvr keeps rebooting

If you must use a power strip, use the surge protectors that are designed for high powered electronics. Not doing this may result in:. Make sure all connections wall to receiver, receiver to TV are placed firmly into the device.

If the cables going from the wall to the equipment are damaged, feel free to contact us here. If you are still experiencing issues with you DVR after that, perform a Disaster Recovery on the device. If the previous steps have been exhausted and the TV receiver continues to malfunction, please send a private message with your account number and contact details to ATTU-verseCare for further assistance.

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If you are not a member of the U-verse community forums, we welcome you to register and reach out to us. Post a new question here on the forums by clicking the "Ask a Question" button. Sorry to hear of your unusual issue. Which RG do you currently have? Please note there is only one DVR, the wireless set top box is just a receiver. When you received the new wireless box, did you also replace the power supply?

What's an RG? I'm not home right now so I don't know what number it is. Sorry, yea the reciever isn't working, not the DVR thank god. I did replace the power cord that has that little box and even plugged it into a different outlet. I didn't put it on another tv though. I apologize for the issues you are having. But there is definitely a possibility that the wireless access point is having issues. When you notice the box reboot, does the power light go out also?

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